I Am Grateful For The Principal Essay

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The distinctive knowledge gained through the shadowing experience and interview with my school 's principal is invaluable and I am grateful for the principal 's graciousness in allowing me the opportunity to explore the complexities of school leadership. I was able to observe the principal 's style of leadership, planning with the school 's leadership team, and collaborative processes. I was also able to indirectly observe, conflict management, application of state and district mandates, and parent and community involvement outreach. As I observed the principal, the demands of school leadership became very apparent, and I began to question if the demands were exceptionally overwhelming because we work as educators in a high-needs, Title I high school servicing a predominant minority population in a large urban district - or if the demands for school leadership are simply overwhelming in general. At the end of my shadowing experience and interview, I ultimately concluded that regardless of the school, there is a definitive range of leadership pattern that exists and the principal remains the central source of leadership influence within the school (www.wallacefoundation.org ). The principal executed a unique leadership style that incorporated various theoretical applications. One such style observed during school leadership team meetings was the distributive style of leadership. The distributed leadership model, "does not necessarily imply that the entire…

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