I Am Grateful For Every Experience Essay

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I cannot say I’ve led a boring life. On the contrary, my life has had more excitement, twists and turns than anyone I have ever personally known. Some of those twists and turns are wonderful; others tragic. They say you learn more in the dessert than you do the mountaintop. I have learned a lot! There a basic skeleton of my story and then there’s the really good stuff, the stuff that makes us who we are, the nitty gritty that molds and shapes who we are at the core of our being. That’s the story everyone wants to hear. In hindsight, I am grateful for every experience as it has truly played a part in who I am today.
My sister, Tina, and I moved around a lot when we were younger. We were raised in a single parent home by our mother who had my sister when she was 16. My mother had me when she was 21. We moved from Florida to Kansas and ended up in New Jersey where my mother grew up. There was a lot that led up to sophomore year at Long Branch High School, but for the sake of brevity, I will move quickly.
I should start by saying I was not a very bright student, but I was very attractive. I was street smart, but struggled academically. If someone say good looks have nothing to do with success, they’re lying, as sad as that truth may be. My mom was always working and had no time to help with schoolwork. I received C’s and D’s and the occasional F at the end of my freshman year. I think it was because I was uprooted to a new city, new home and a new school in March. Who moves at…

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