I Am Going Into The Blank Page Essay

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JOURNEY I. CONQUER THE BLANK PAGE Every time I want to start a writing, I like to think deep of what I am going to write and organize well. To persuade the reader is very important for me. I like to use examples based on real events or people. Many times I make a connection about my topic and my lifestyle or events that occur that related to the topic.

JOURNEY II. REVISING AN ESSAY Going back to what I wrote is very important. To change the errors and mistakes I made in my essay is good for me because I always be careful when I am writing. Reviewing my essay is one of my strategies. I always go back to the beginning and read it to myself before I turned it; if I have a time I like to add more information into my essay.

JOURNEY III. MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T GO AWAY TO COLLEGE. College is an important time for all students. It is the time of change, from a boy to a man, and from a girl to a lady. Going away from home to college is a hard thing and a good thing at the same time. Responsibilities, taking care of yourself and finding yourself are things that need to be consider. Of course money is a main issue, but I would advise the student to add personal experiences or family experiences and examples of people who he know faced difficulties while attending an out-state college.

JOUNREY IV. BACKYARDS. This essay is a strong essay because it talks about that any new thing will become old one day even though it will take time. The essay made me to remember our home in…

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