Essay on I Am From Haiti : My Life

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I am from Haiti this is the story of my life and how people think I am so “Rich and everything that I have are “handed” to me. When I was in Haiti I was living in the smallest house you could possibly imagine. Life was hard I had to work for everything and I mean work hard some days are better than others. Sometime it could be a great day where my mom come home and she is able to cook us something to eat, but some days when she come home from being gone all day she come home with nothing. Therefore we did not have anything to eat that day so we could go a day or two without food that did not stop us from thanking God for another day above ground. We kept working hard to make a good living i have two sisters and two brothers one of my brother is James and he is the oldest. I have a older sister she is the second oldest in my family then I am the third oldest then I have my little sister Jennifer and my little brother Woodley. My mom was is a single mom all of us are in school, we had to look after one another because my mom is always out searching for a job or finding a way to make money to give us the best life that we can have. Life is not so easy in Haiti everyday is different but the same story one day we have food one day we don’t it is never like food, food, food… it’s always different. In 2005 everything would change one of my mom’s good friend told her about this Orphanage that taking care of kids from age One to Six years old and someday they might get Adopted from a…

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