Essay about I Am From Driftwood, A Nonprofit Lgbtq Storytelling Archive

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For Field Work Term this year, I went to New York City to work for I’m From Driftwood, a nonprofit LGBTQ storytelling archive. Primarily, I chose this internship because of the Huffington Post articles that I would be responsible for, which I did find worthwhile. I knew ahead of time that I’m From Driftwood was a small operation: consisting of its founder and board members that would scramble to find new opportunities and contacts to use for their events. There was no office space for the company, so most people worked from home or various other spaces around the city. So for the most part the internship consisted of me living alone in an apartment, while waiting for an assignment each day to do for my supervisor, the founder of the company. Each week, I would be given a first draft of I’m From Driftwood’s weekly video stories, and be asked to transcribe the video word per word. Initially, this consisted of putting the video on half speed, and writing down as much as I could before watching the video again and correcting any mistakes. However, I was told to use a software program to transcribe the videos, and the transcriptions that would come out were never accurate. Often times, employees would pass this work onto me after using the software, and then I would not catch every single mistake, so my supervisor would remind me to make everything perfect. Afterwards, I was responsible for coming up with a few headlines to use for the story’s title, and also make a YouTube…

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