I Am From A Middle Class Family Essay

1250 Words Feb 17th, 2016 null Page
I am originate from a middle class family. The most imperative thing about me is that am a religious person. I have faith in good, values and regard others. I am a present day scholar, additionally have faith in great qualities given by my predecessors. I cherish soccer, moving, listening to music and watching motion picture. I’m 20 years old with an oval face, dark thick curly brown hair, with a small nose, ears, eyes. Have two curved eyebrows that are thick and narrow; with a full-lipped mouth. I have a beauty mole on my cheek and nose, I am 5ft’2inc tall. I have a birthmark on my thigh and also a couple of stretch marks. These are all unique features that identify my physical appearance. Ethnicity, health, age ,attractiveness are all part of one’s physical appearance. To me ethnicity is to ,understand that one know their responsibility. In Spite of the way that there are all around substantial good rule that spotlights on our attributes and esteemed in close individual relationship,such as empathy, love,sympathy and trust. We can consider only our own good or self interest, when we understand the basic of ethical principles and guidelines it will assist us in making logical and appropriate decision instead of judging or using your opinion of who we are. Defining health is difficult. We need to consider many other areas when talking about health. I will say health is consider the relation to their values, personality and the lifestyle one lives. Age is individuals…

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