I Am Doing My Project With Personal Care Attendants Of Special Needs Children

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I am doing my project with personal care attendants of special needs children and working with them on nutrition and exercise to help reduce the incidence of childhood obesity. I used the medical library from my employer with using Google Scholar as the database. The keywords I used in my search were peer reviewed research childhood obesity and special needs children. I was able to find several articles, but I chose the four that I felt best supported the ideas of nutrition and exercise as a strong catalyst to help reduce/maintain a healthy weight. The first article I read was written in Dtsch Arztebl International. The methodology used was a literature search in Medline using the terms “(children/OR/adolescents)/AND/disability/AND/(overweight/OR/obesity)”. The also inspected journals in the fields of obesity, pediatrics, and neurology.
Children with disabilities are at a higher risk for developing obesity and other complications due to obesity. Some of the complications include a decreased or even an inability to walk. Because disabled children are more isolated already, being obese makes them even more isolated due to their decreased function. (Reinehr, Dobe, Winkel, Schaefer, & Hoffmann, 2010). The authors cited a German law (SBG IX, rehabilitation and participation of disabled people), people with, or those threatened by, disabilities have the right to receive support from rehabilitation services in order to promote their autonomy and equal participation…

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