I Am Considered An Anomaly By My Friends Essay

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In my experiences as a 20-year-old, I’ve found it quite rare to have more than two, if any, living grandparents. I am considered an anomaly by my friends: I have 8 grandparents, and in my lifetime, I have known 16 in total. This can be explained in part by the youth of my family, as my parents gave birth to me when they were only 21 years old and their respective parents begot them by age 19. But even then, biologically, a child can only have 4 grandparents and 8 great-grandparents, amounting to 12. My other 4 grandparents were married into the lineage. The last 3 generations of our family are populated, almost entirely, by children of divorce. I am the oldest of 3 myself, and while our own parents have not remarried, 3 of our grandparents and 1 of our great-grandparents did. And this does not even account for the additional family transitions experienced by our cousins, aunts, and uncles. Divorces and second marriages have acted as strong fertilizer in the soil of our family tree, causing it to grow into a massive redwood with layers upon layers of complex branches. With the roots that I have, I was familiar and comfortable from an early age with divorce and the idea of step-parents. However, using the step- prefix was completely impractical for us (Is the woman married to my great-grandpa my “step-great-grandma”? Are the parents of my mother’s step-mom my “step-great-grandparents”?) The language used within my family also affected our attitudes towards divorce and…

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