I Am Confident As A Competent Communicator Essay examples

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In the last few weeks, I have learned more about myself, and how I handle many different situations.
Communication skills score 54
I am a competent communicator, however, here and there experience correspondence issues. I attempt to convey by being clear and immediate, giving particular points of interest to show what should be finished. I listen and make inquiries so that precise data is obtained. However, I am no nonsense and action oriented when communicating., taking the time to think about my approach to communication, focusing on receiving messages effectively, as much as sending them.
Problem solving skills scores 60 I am confident as a problem solver, taking time to understand, the initial criteria for making a good decision and generating options. Approaching problems methodically, covering the essentials, thus creating a well thought out plan and executed action. Pro-actively looking to solve future problems, avoiding emergencies, by looking for the facts of the problem, then defining and establishing boundaries for the problems. After establishing the problem boundaries, I look at similar issues and generate ideas based on the similarities.
Locus of Control score 26 (moderate internal locus of control.)
Being inquisitive, I work hard developing abilities, skills and additional knowledge, engaging in activities where I learn why things turned out a certain way. I always try to stay positive about my future.
Burnout score 59 (at severe risk of burn out)
I am…

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