I Am College And Why School Essay

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In this portfolio, included is my final revised personal narrative essay entitled “My savior and Lighted Path,” my first graded draft of this essay, and my letter of Final Essay Reflection. The “My savior and Lighted Path” paper contains the reasons as to why I am college and why school is so significant to me. In this essay, I speak about my life growing up with a poor, sickly mother in a poor neighborhood where my mother had abusive boyfriends to help pay her medical bills and finances. I go on to discuss that my divorced parents both struggle with money due to dropping out of high school and not attending college. I carry the reader through my story of how my mother, my sisters, and I all struggled in life until my mother met my step dad who was extremely wealthy because of his utilization of education. I ultimately reveal that I learned how crucial education was because it was a key to lead one out a misinformed and poverty stricken life. Overall, it leads the reader through a narrow, yet detailed account of my life story which has played such a crucial role in my educational choices today. My letter of final essay reflection then includes what revisions I have made during my final writing process and how my essay has come to evolve throughout my whole revision process. Also included in this portfolio is my final revised rhetorical analysis essay entitled “The Cecil Hotel and Black Dahlia.” This essay analyzes the urban legend of Black Dahlia who had supposedly been…

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