Essay about I Am Charis, From Tutorial Group 23

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I am Charis, from tutorial group 23 and this is my essay on adolescent development. The family that we interviewed is a nuclear family comprising a couple, Mr Ha and Madam Si, both age 46 and their only child, Miss Fa age 17. Our main client is Miss Fa and the developmental stage that she is in right now is adolescent. In the next few paragraphs I will be discussing more about the key information of Miss Fa, her physical, cognitive, psychological and moral developmental stages, factors that impacted her well-being as well as the numerous community resources available to Miss Fa. Miss Fa is in her first year of Bio-medical engineering in Temasek Polytechnic. Her family’s religion is Islamic and they reside in a five-room flat. She has received all the important immunization including BCG, MMR and Hepatitis B. Her BMI at 18.7 is in the normal range. Miss Fa used to have a bad outbreak of pimples starting from primary 4 but the problem seems to have subsided. Her onset of puberty was at age 13. At 17, Miss Fa’s cognitive development is transiting from concrete operational stage to formal operational stage based on Piaget theory (Hockenberry and Wilson, 2005). Having a deeper understanding of cause and effect, she is gradually able to solve more complex problems. The demands of her bio medical engineering course in poly will hone her problem solving skills for her future. According to the Erickson theory, Miss Fa is at the stage of ego identity versus role confusion…

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