I Am Centurion Quinctilius Of The Imperial Navy Essay

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THE CENTURION heaved his stout frame up the rope ladder, his comrades waiting in the pinnace below. Within a few seconds he was standing on the deck of the Hippagogus. Captain Floridius greeted him with a wary eye as he piped him aboard, smiling uneasily while the rest of the boarding party carefully made their way up the ladder. When all were aboard, the Centurion introduced himself. “Salve, Citizens,” he said in a curt, gravelly voice. “I am Centurion Quinctilius of the Imperial Marines. I represent the prefect of this naval squadron, Prefect Rutilius Melito, also commander of the III Classis Syriaca—the 3rd Syrian Flotilla—based at Seleucia.” “Greetings, Centurion,” Captain Floridius replied, and introduced himself, then said: “So... to what do we owe this pleasure, eh? Why a boarding party by the Imperial Navy?” “Yes, Centurion,” Aurelius Falco spoke up, standing athwart of the Captain, next to Rubio, arms folded over his chest. “To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure, hmm?” “Name yourself, citizen,” the Centurion demanded. “I am Aurelius Falco, of Alexandria. A Roman equestrian.” Centurion Quinctilius eyed the elderly gentlemen standing before him closely, immediately noticing the narrow purple stripes on his tunic sleeves and hem, recognizing him as a Roman nobleman of the equestrian class. He bowed respectfully. “My apologies, sire,” he replied, his tone noticeably softer now. “But Prefect Melito has instructed all Imperial war galleys to search, and or,…

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