I Am Born, Raised And Educated Essay

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I was born, raised and educated in Chile; it was not easy to give up an imminent career as soccer player when I was younger; one of the biggest teams selected me and everybody anticipated I would have an outstanding career in soccer… well, all except dad: my father had something else in mind for me and decided not to support the dream of my life. At the beginning it was hard to believe, unfair, selfish. Then we had a conversation and I learnt that he pursued a career in soccer when he was seventeen, contrary to my grandparents desire for his only child, and he didn’t get anywhere because of the injuries. This is probably the best advice I got from my dad: something with a negative connotation that for a strange reason was perceived as a positive thing under my eyes. My father passed away last year and mom still does not understand what made me react in that positive way, considering I was fifteen and I fought really hard to accomplish that call to pursue my dream… I often take this example to explain that regardless how hard and tough you expect a person will receive negative information, there is always a way to present the facts differently, humanly, positively. My dad spoke with his heart; there were not mere words… I saw and felt the truth in his words. He did not have the intention to persuade me, but provoked an incredible reaction that defined my personality and marked me as a leader.

I pursued a college degree in business and it was not easy at the beginning… I had…

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