I Am Born Into Generation Me Essay

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Maybe it is the tattoo on your hip, the industrial bar piercing going through your ear, or maybe it’s your sticker decked out guitar; no matter what it is we all have our own ways of expressing ourselves once we get to a certain age. Self-expression is very important to Generation Me. It make us an individual, unique, and creative. Or that is at least how we see it. Being born into Generation Me meant being born into a generation in which we truly believe that our self-esteem is more important than people’s views on us. With a little enlightenment Twenge understood that getting a tattoo was beyond a means of self-decoration but it was a psychological way of self-expression; though that is the belief that has become more common, from a religious stand point it is not what is acceptable.
Piercings are not for everyone, which is why a lot of people do not have any. Some people view them as eyesores even Twenge did not much approve of them for a while, she writes “you’ve probably noticed that young people are much more likely to adorn themselves in unconventional ways. (Twenge 90)” A person in Generation Me would question who these things are unconventional for. While our piercings and tattoos are a means of self-expression they can also be a detriment if not done wisely. What Twenge means is that might mean you go to your interview and everything is going swell but at the end you stand up and shake the interviewer’s hand, then as you are exiting the door they catch a glimpse…

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