I Am Born Into A World Of Hurt And Confusion Essay

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10/11/93, at 8:45pm on a Wednesday- I am born. I am born into a world of hurt and confusion. Clothed with skin and given a heart of flesh. Oh, how the flesh has overcome my state of being at times. What is the purpose and end state of humanity? And what mind hath called forth all of nature in such uniformity?
Birthed into a Christian household, I was blessed to know of God at an early age. I enjoyed the stories of Jesus, Moses, Samson, Daniel and memorizing scripture.
Baptism was at the age of 13. I stood in front of Sale Baptist church and, nervously, declared a memorized statement of my faith. Even though I was urged to do so by my parents, which is not a bad thing at all, I have come to realize that everyday my declaration of faith becomes surer. Baptism is a first step, as it were. Jesus has been making himself known to me and for that I am eternally grateful.
I am 15,16,17,18. ‘Here is a lad with a bright future’, so people thought.
‘What future?’ I don’t know what job I see myself doing. At the moment, I like science and maths. I am sure that I’m not the only one who experiences pressures during exam time. Comparing eyes and shifting tongues. Look at all the stars they got and what they’re going onto in life. Is it not ok to say I do not know or I am not sure? Is it some kind of weakness to express some uncertainty?
Coming out with less than expected grades, my heart sunk. Looking at a piece of paper and seeing those “life changing” letters. ‘Oh God, why? What…

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