I Am Born And Raised Into The Norm Essay

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I was born and raised into “the norm”: middle-class, prominently white, suburban, all American society. Growing up I watched my parents’ destructive relationship. My mother was well educated; she has an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. My father didn’t finish college due to sports injures; however after dropping out he started his own business. My father was the sole provider since before I was born in 1993, my parents had two children after me, which resulted in my mother becoming a stay at home mom till I was twelve. My father had the freedom to travel the east coast building million dollar houses. Without my mother working, it forced my father to have to work longer days and that took away from spending time with his family. As the economy depleted so did my fathers income forcing my family to fall in the lower class. Due to their constant disagreement and financial issues the marriage ended and this is really when I began to notice social inequality for what it was. In this paper I intend to address several concepts that are apart of the society I was raised in and how they have affected my beliefs and experiences with social inequality. There are two specific people in my life that play a key role in shaping my beliefs, and experiences with social inequality. Those two people would be my mother and father. The first time anyone mentioned social inequality it me was when I was ten years old. I remember coming home from my first day of fifth grade and having to…

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