I Am Becoming Leaving Germany For Good Essay

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It was during my last week that I realized that I am leaving Germany for good. As I am getting packed to go off to college. After all these years I spent in Europe, from being born there to graduating high school, I was going to a new place that will be my new home. I kept on telling myself that college is way different that high school, where I am going to be more independent. I tried to spend as much time with my friends before I left, but it was difficult trying to work with everybody’s schedule. The day I flew out came closer and closer and next thing you know, I landed in sunny San Diego. When I moved to California from Germany, it made me start a new chapter in my life that was sad, although exciting.
Before I could go off to college, I first had to graduate high school. The feeling of finishing high school was exciting. During the beginning of my senior year I did not apply to any colleges, I applied during the springtime and that was a mistake because I applied last minute. So I applied to Southwestern College, which was a good choice because it is close to home and I can transfer to a university later. Everybody in my class could not wait to graduate and go off to college. Once our graduation day came closer, it became more realistic that we have graduated and now going our separate ways to college.
Once I graduated, I had to pack my luggage and wait till I fly out. I did not bring everything I wanted to bring because I had a limit. But I definitely chose the…

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