Essay I Am At The David Owsley Museum

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When I was at the David Owsley Museum I was looking at art pieces that had more of a realistic feel. This piece caught my attention and then I listened to the audio and I really enjoyed the two pieces of art being placed together. There were three things that caught my attention with the music and then I noticed that things we discussed in art connected directly to the ideas from music. The first thing that was intriguing to me was the tone color. Next, the dynamic was interesting and related to the way the painting was designed. Finally, I noticed how the idea of content that we discussed in art played out when I looked at this picture and when I listened to the music at the same time. This music piece enhances the piece of art by making it seem like you are actually involved in the waterfall and experiencing it first hand. The piece of music made the artwork stick out in my mind, so if it was not for the music piece I would not have enjoyed the artwork as much. After focusing on tone color in music class, I was able to depict the exact mood and the tone color that was supposed to be conceived. I felt this music made the piece seem intense, but yet it was relaxing at certain time. I would have depicted the piece of art as having a green tone color. The yellow was more present because it was very upbeat and seemed like something severe was going to happen. It is unique to me that the picture focuses on a lot of greens and blues, showing that these two combine together to…

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