Essay about I Am At The Beginning Of Class

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at the beginning of class we still actively complete a check in for each and every student. Over time, check in has begun to become a quicker and quicker process as a group. I am beginning to become a large supporter of checking process. Reasoning’s for my support of check in is the emotional check it provides each student, as well as personal refection. Lastly I support check in as it provides the opportunity for individuals to open and express themselves with others, even thou it’s only momentarily.
Throughout the readings a reoccurring topic regarding the understanding and support to clients during communication is focusing and recognizing the processes of thinking, behaviors, and feelings. As the course progresses I can recognize this specific material has relevance, is relatable, and occurring throughout my personal life. This process for me begins when I am in class. As an individual during class I do lots thinking in hopes of learning. The next process occurs once I leave class, and throughout my week my behaviors are practices that resemble the information or knowledge learnt in class. The finish to the process is then finally completed when I return to class. At the beginning of class we have a check in which I look back at my feelings regarding the previous week and reflect on whether there was positive or negative outcomes within my life surrounding communication situations. This is just one scenario in where the process of looking at thinking, behaviors,…

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