I Am At A Cross Road Essays

2426 Words Nov 16th, 2016 10 Pages
In picking my topic for my research paper, I was at a cross road in deciding which topic I should focus on. I wanted to pick a topic I knew I would be comfortable with but at the same time give me a challenge as well. At first I went with Counseling Disabilities because that was one of the areas I wanted to focus on as far as a potential career choice. Just when I was about to go into the social lounge to present my topic, I notice a note to all the other students that it was probably best that you challenge yourself and maybe talk about a topic that you may not feel too comfortable with. Knowing me, I always like a challenge. Even though I may not do so well in whatever the challenge maybe I still want to go out and try because I may never know what may come out of it. Just then, I looked over the different topics that I felt that I was a little bit uncomfortable with. I saw a topic in mind but I still wanted to pray on it and talk it over with my wife. After talking it over with her, she knew which route I was going to take when I brought up to the topics I was thinking about. Overall, I decided not to go with Counseling Disabilities but instead Counseling Transgenders. My reason to do a research paper on Transgenders was to learn more about how they feel, think, and live daily. Even more, I wanted to know how Transgenders all came about. After reading and jointing down important notes, not only did I grab the information I needed but I was able to find even more…

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