I Am As A Person Essay

1056 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
17. In my daily life, my generalized other helps me to get through the day. With “me”, I’ve learned that this part is the more rational side of myself. Whereas my “I” is the more impulsive side. Together they help to keep me sane and make decisions that will guide me through life. Even though the “I” does not really care what others think, the “me” makes it apparent to understand what is happening around me. I look to both as way to balance myself and shape who I am as a person. However, I’ve come to understand that my life is shaped by various “mes”. This is because it is based off of what others see me as. Their thoughts have in a way shaped how I see “me”. For example, in high school I was known as the dancer. I was always performing in talent shows and at pep-rallies. I was even on the dance team, step team, and varsity cheer team. This eventually led me to continue to dance here at Georgia Southern University. Because I was always thought of as a dancer, dance became a part of “me”. However, recently because of health reasons I had to stop dancing. This caused me to reevaluate my life and it made me question myself because dance has always been a part of “me”. During this reevaluation my “I” started to really show itself. I started to think more about what I wanted and began to evaluate what I will do next based off of what I wanted to do and not what others have always expected of me. I found that “I” was more of a person who likes to chill at home, watch anime, and…

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