I Am As A Person Is Just For The Satisfaction Of Myself Essay

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Living over 19 years in this society, I cannot say that the way that I express who I am as a person is just for the satisfaction of myself. Whether it is the way I dress, how I approach people, my facial expressions—positive or negative—or many other features of who I am, in one way or another I am communicating to those around me. Our body language, eye contact, posture, tone of voice; these are all things we as human beings embody that send out messages into the world. Communication exists in all forms, verbal and nonverbal, and while sometimes the exchange of messages can be misinterpreted, it is still communication. Say, for example, I am walking from my house to class, a route that takes me past many familiar faces each day, and I happen to cross paths with a girl from last year’s English class. Naturally, I smile at her, say hello, and await her response. However, instead of reciprocating my action, she keeps walking with her body language undivided by my attempt for her attention. Essentially, whether she ignored me on purpose or innocently did not notice me, this is still transmittance of a message. On either side of this situation, the person is going to think something, because whether inaction or action takes place there are still ideas being communicated. As described in the text, “Communication Strategies for Professionals,” communication exists when there is an exchange of messages between a giver and a receiver. Communication is, in fact, an exchange of…

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