I Am Applying For A Place On Diplomacy, Business And Trade Master 's Course At The Loughborough University

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I am applying for a place on Diplomacy, Business and Trade Master 's course at the Loughborough University London, because I am very interested in the topics covered particularly about business trading, operation and communication. My interest in these areas was first initiated during my undergraduate studies at the Beijing International Studies University where I learned the module of Business and Strategy and the World Economy.
It is undoubtedly logical for me to study Business Accounting, besides, Beijing International Studies University, one of the famous universities in China, is offering HND course in an English environment. All the modules are delivered in English, all the assessments are required to be written in English, and the lectures are qualified not only in teaching, but also in their professional fields. Knowing that such an experience could help me to develop my English skills and the basic accounting and business knowledge. My academic result can be concluded as more than outstanding, with as in all of the graded units.
I started the Accounting and Finance final year programme in the University of Bradford since 2014. By contrary to the educational system in China, it was the first time I touched into seminars, tutorials and other brand new teaching methods. It was tough for me to adapt these things for only one year. Endless homesickness brought about depressing feelings that I could not adjust myself quickly to live alone without my family for a long

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