I Am Applying For A Ph.d Mba Program Essay

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Why PhD
I am applying for a (PhD program in Accounting) because I am a curious person enjoying creative jobs and academic environments.
Ever since I was an undergraduate student, I have attended many presentations given by the Big Four companies and talked to employees from different levels to give myself a rough idea about the life as an auditor or a tax practitioner. However, the more I learned about their life, the more I felt that these companies were not for me. I cannot picture myself going to the same office at a fixed time day after day, crunching numbers all day long and performing my duty to fulfill the checklist. I admire those students who find themselves enjoy the pace and workload in the Big Four, but I also know that I am not one of them. I prefer creating something new rather than getting into a routine. When I am studying accounting, I hold the firm belief that it is more important to figure out the logic and appreciate the big picture behind all these rules and numbers than to memorize the details. The fact that world is changing so fast and that computerization has brought so many revolutions to this industry has always urged me to find sustainable skills, which will help me update my knowledge and make sure that I will never become obsolete. Yet I do think that knowing specific standards and rules well is important because it is the basis of mastering the art. Gradually I became clearer that research is my keen interest and there is no better way of…

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