Essay about I Am Application For Medical School

1064 Words Jun 7th, 2016 null Page
While fulfilling my major requirements of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at UC Davis I did not have to take many writing composition courses and neither did I have the time. Now as I am applying to medical schools I see the importance of my essays on the interviewer and the whole application process, and now I realize how beneficial writing classes would have been. The skills I have learned in this class will help me make my essays more influential and appealing. Once summer break starts I will take out a few days to rewrite my personal statements using the new techniques I have learned. Throughout this course I have gained many skills such as coherence, cohesion, paragraph structure, etc. In my view the most beneficial skills I have gained through this course are writing better thesis sentences, analysis, and structuring sentences and paragraphs in an orderly and cohesive manner. Some skill I have not been able to fully acquire is the skill of not using unnecessary words or phrases. If you look at my first analytical essay compared to my proposal paper you will be able to view how my thesis statement has become more clear and concise. The thesis in my proposal paper gives the reader a better understanding about the paper than did the thesis of my first analytical paper. For example, in the first analytical essay I wrote, “This discovery of my experience led me to same assertion as Pamuk’s in “Huzun” that a place cannot be understood the same way by locals and…

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