I Am An Outgoing Dependable Person And Team Player Essay

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Our Personalities is what defines of us and affects us with how we interact with others. After completing and reviewing our test results will give us a better insight of we can prove ourselves personal and professionally. We will be able to develop better communication skills, leadership and team skills power and conflict skills once we able to see where we need to improve.

I scored high in all sections accept the last one. I agree with most of the results. I know that I am more comfortable doing things that I am familiar with. We have to describe myself I would say that I am an outgoing, dependable person and team player. I was a little surprised that I scored high in the Emotional stability because I sometimes feel that I am to emotional or sensitive when it comes to some things however I have notice within this last year I have improve is this department tremendously because of my personal experiences. I am a B+ personality. ESFJ 16 type of personality. I agree with this and the job description and insight hit right on the nail. I have always desired to help others. I do have a high tolerance abmility I scored a 23

According to the assessment I am very involved in my job. In the section about what my attitude towards workplace diversity, I scored a -17 Diversity pessimists. I disagree with this because I feel that I am very open to diversity and I feel I never have a negative attitude or promote…

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