I Am An Ordinary Kid Essay

1044 Words Aug 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
At some point of my life, I began to believe that I was an ordinary kid. It’s easy to feel beyond the ordinary when most of the people in my high school population can be very similar. Whether its race, family background or parents’ annual income, the students in Sharpstown High School don’t really know diversity. I didn’t know what diversity was. Things changed once I decided to be a part of a summer opportunity like Young Owls Leadership Program at Rice University, attending a college tour by HISD Emerge and participating in Youth About Business at Columbia University. To begin with, Young Owls Leadership Program was a summer opportunity that my Biology teacher recommended me for my summer of 2013. I’ve never been outside of home for a summer, but I decided to accept the offer. The goal of the program was to prepare high school students to become both leaders in their communities and competitive applicants to top-tier universities. I recently received my G.P.A for my freshman year and I couldn’t lie that I was really proud of it. When I saw the 4.0, I felt like a genius. I felt like I can conquer the world, as if I could go above and beyond. The summer program started and that feeling went away once I started to meet the other students in the program. Some of my new friends were the valedictorians, some had a perfect PSAT score, and others had already stepped on the floors of Harvard’s campus. I felt intimidated especially when hearing G.P.A’s like 4.6 or an ACT score of…

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