I Am An Open Clear Mind Essay

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Between mind and body, we are oneself. We are who we are and we can 't be like everyone else. Many people fall into the trap of conformity. However, even in conformity, every person is different individualistically. We have our own unique characteristics that we develop which makes us who we are. For me, I define self between the standpoints of mind, body, and spirit. I have approached life through my own perception, not by anyone 's doing. Without these three personal aspects, I could not live the same life that I had in the past.

Through the mind, I am able to think how I want to think. I am not trapped to one way of thinking. This way of conformity is depicted very well in Pink Floyd 's music video, "Another Brick In The Wall"i. On one hand, I might agree with others on a topic, on the other hand, I can disagree on a different subject. Keeping an open clear mind is the best way to create a valid opinion. John Locke 's memory theoryii relates to how opinion can change overtime. The memory theory demonstrates that what makes oneself is based of their experiences. Based off of my experiences in life, my opinions changes constantly due to events that has occurred. As students, we are taught to perceive information through the education in school. However, when we think outside of one way of thinking, we explore different forms of learning and what works best for us. Throughout the book of Unflatteningiii, the flatlander is going from conforming to one…

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