I Am An Old Friend, An Elderly Gentleman Essays

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I know more people who have had trouble with this than I can name. This is one of the issues that people I have worked with in recovery have shared with me, “how do I forgive myself for what I have done”? That is a great question and not an easy one to answer. I have an old friend, an elderly gentleman. He always keeps it simple and says “if you want to feel good, do good” so one of the ways we can start to feel better about ourselves is to begin to perpetuate good things for people. I need to start to understand that I was born a flawed person and so is everyone else. I must take responsibility for my actions and try to make restitution, whether that be financially, or a simple apology. But, I must take action to rectify those behaviors or attitudes in my life for which I am responsible. It is amazing to me that once we start to make amends to those we have wronged, how those feelings of guilt, shame and remorse begin to disappear.
Forgiving yourself is a process. And don’t think trying to bury those feelings or hiding from them are going to make them somehow disappear into oblivion, they don’t truly don’t begin to dissipate until we begin to deal with them head on. Some people have more to feel shameful or guilty about than others, I had significant areas of my life that needed amending and rectification. That didn’t make me a bad person, although other people may have felt differently, I don’t know. But what I can tell you is that by…

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