I Am An Informal Volunteer Essay

1851 Words Jun 5th, 2016 8 Pages
I worked with the YMCA this quarter. In the beginning I decided to be an informal volunteer because of my of time availability. I also choose to work with the Y because it was close to UW Bothell. I previously had no connections nor really knew what the Y was about, I thought they were just another gym business. The Y is actually a national organization, with 13 branches, 2 overnight camps, and more than 200 program sites in King and south Snohomish county alone (Seattle YMCA). I began to get interested in the organization because they believe everyone has the right to live a healthy lifestyle, no matter their race, income, or gender in Bothell. I believe this is important because growing up my family did not have the resources to buy vegetables and unprocessed foods. It wasn’t until I came to college that I learned about GMOs. I believe in the mission the Y’s mission, that is why I want to help improve the organization by proposing a diversity council. I recognize that I am a minority, I will be able to offer Y board members the view point I had walking in. Possibly similar to how a new potential Y member might feel the first day. The organization was open to me becoming involved. As an outsider I was able to see the Y. Often times, people who grow up in the Y may see it and notice nothing wrong because they have developed a deep attachment to the organization. Having no previous connection to they Y, I believe I was able to offer the organization new critics from an…

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