I Am An Indian American Essay

703 Words Nov 30th, 2016 3 Pages
Like the many videos, posts, reactions and comments that came about right after the presidential elections, this too is another opinion. I am an Indian-American, not that it matters to my story. I study in a small all-women liberal arts college in Virginia. And studying in a women’s college is indicative enough that I wanted America to elect its first female president during the 2016 elections. I am not into politics. During the start of the elections, all I knew were the names candidates who were running. I did not take any interest in finding of their history and the work that they have done. In short, I behaved like a “typical millennial child” as my mom calls me.

But it was after the many Facebook and Twitter posts of Donald Trump and his speeches that I got interested in the election. Today, I regret that it was not the fundamental responsibilities I hold as a citizen or the work or promises made by the candidates that got me curious about the election; but it was the senseless and classless person creating a drama who piqued my interest. Looking back, I am not proud of that.

Nevertheless, I got interested and found out more about the election. Needless to say, my complete support went to Hilary because she was a worthy candidate and I wanted America to have a change. Also, I did not want Trump to win, so I placed my best bet on Hilary, which was pretty much what most Americans did.

But one question that I had in my mind during the election campaign was “why…

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