I Am An Educator One Travels A Difficult Road Essay

1704 Words Jun 14th, 2016 null Page
As an Educator it’s always important to lead by example. The amount of energy and passion you bring to class, can ultimately rub off of the student’s and make the classroom a positive experience, and motivate the student to put their full effort in participating in classroom activity and being able to obtain knowledge that they are capable of having. Being an Educator one travels a difficult road. Educators must play a role to being a teacher, counselor, a friend and a motivator as well. Though you are just labeled as a teacher, you are going to have more than one job. I believe that teaching is a long commitment to a personal, emotional and academic goals we want to set for the students. Being able to be the person who can improve intelligence and being a better person is something challenging that all teachers partake. I think being a teacher; I must not come to work in a negative mood or always mad at the world. One has to be enthusiastic and love the job, because if the teacher is always in a good mood, then more than likely your students will also be in a good mood an in return can excel academically. If we can create a positive environment, this leads to children obtaining their annual goals that they set up for themselves. Teacher should not only teach, but they should also be willing to hear and adapt to certain types of the child 's behaviors. I feel that the best teachers are the ones who can tweak their lesson, so that everyone can understand the…

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