Essay on I Am An Art Class

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When learning that I was going to be taking an art class this semester, I instantly became nervous. I always liked art, but I am not very good at it. It was nerve-racking because I have not been in an art class since 6th grade. This is because we had the choice between art and band, and I loved being in the band. My 6th grade art teacher was not very supportive and if the art was not up to her standards she would give you a bad grade, or make you redo it. Thinking back I could not recall a time where I was told good job or anything or that nature. My friends and I would all dreaded going to art. So my attitude about art was that it was fun and relaxing, but an art class was scary and dreadful due to my past experiences. I remember walking in to art the first day. I was dreadful and scared that I would end of failing and have to take it over. However, when we started class I heard something that made me happy. “You will be graded on participation.” That made my day and I was no longer dreadful for art class, I was actually excited to go in every Monday and do the activities and improve my artistic ability and knowledge of the content. After each class meeting I was growing fonder of the class. It was a lot of fun, and very enjoyable. So, my attitude on art has stayed the same that it is fun, exciting, and relaxing. However, my opinion and attitude on art class has drastically changed. I have went from dreading it to loving it. I feel that I can now teach an art class. I…

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