Essay on I Am An Arab Student

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`Pronunciation Syllabus

TESL 566

Fall 2016

Carson-Newman University


I Am an Arab student, and also an English teacher in my country, here in Saudi Arabia. I thought that it was important to chip in at a few talking shortcomings of KSA understudies. Along these lines, I chose to pick my friend Amjed Albalawi as my objective understudy. Amjed Albalawi is 22 years of age, and has a one year and four-month tyke. He has been in the United States- as resides at PA since August 2013, and learned at the Civil engineering in the University of widener. These days, he is occupied with the Civil engineering program in widener University. Overnight, Amjed Albalawi saw herself extremely keen on learning English, so he endeavored to meet that objective. In any case, feels that he needs to enhance his talking aptitude close to the next English abilities obviously, so He didn 't falter to permit me to work with some of his shortcomings, and right them.

Interview Dictation
1- Amjed Albalawi-What does your name mean?
My name means the p/b/lace which has a good and up.
2- What do you do in your free time?
Playing football /f/ing and watching TV/fee/
3- Where did you study English when first came to the USA?
I studied English first in W/i/dener.
4- What do you think about your new experience in Widener University?
It 's ok and perfect, am really learning new things
5- Why did you study physics although it was…

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