Essay about I Am An Advocate For Cord Blood Donations

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In St. Mary’s Press Bible there was a reading on Speak Lord, I Am Listening. From this reading it explains that understanding what God is saying in different events can be challenging. It says we should pay attention to how different experiences make us feel. If we feel hopeful, energized, or a sense of peace then God is calling us to these events. On the other hand if you feel restless, anxious, or drained it is not our calling. When I donate blood to the Red Cross it really gives me joy and peace inside. I am also an advocate for cord blood donations. These donations are providing a great and amazing service to God’s people who fall ill and in need of a blood transfusion to survive. I am new to donating blood I have only donated twice, but the feeling I get afterward is very rewarding for me. My first attempt to donate blood was at my job in 2014. They had a blood drive open for all staff members. I know that my blood is O+ and many people can use it when needed in a life-threating situation. I was disappointed when I was not able to donate, due to small veins and not drinking enough water.
The next opportunity I had to donate blood was earlier this year at a previous college I attended. I made sure to drink plenty of water that week and the day before my appointment. My veins were bigger than the first time and the phlebotomist did a fantastic job collecting my blood. I was able to get a full unit collected which was sent to a hospital in New Jersey. I was beyond happy…

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