I Am An Adult Person Essay example

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I was born in Guangzhou, China, of Chinese parents. There are three children in my family. The oldest one is my sister, who has already become an adult. Then it is me, who have become an adult according to my ID card. But actually I was born in June 1997. I did ask my parents why they made my sister and me “older”, and they told me that people who had more than one child need to pay more money due to the one-child policy. The youngest one is my brother who was born in 2008. I didn’t stay in my hometown for a long time since my parents wanted to give us better education. Therefore, my mother took us to Guangzhou while my father went to Nanning to start a business. I believed my first time to get in touch with math was in Sun Yat-sen kindergarten, but I had no memory about it. According to my little brother who studies in the same kindergarten as I did, children always learn how to do some sample addition problems. Later, I succeeded in getting in Sun Yat-sen primary school, which is the best primary school in Haizhu are I think. Since my classmates and teachers loved me so much, I became the president of my class. I can’t recall what I exactly learned from Grade 1 to Grade 3, but I think mostly I was working on how to do calculation during that period. After finishing Grade 3, I started to learn Olympic Math on weekends. It was more like a course that was provided to students who were interested in math. But the truth was many students were forced to take the class because…

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