Essay on I Am An Active Kid

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I was an active kid throughout my childhood. Playing sports was something I really enjoyed. At the age of seven was when I first started playing organized sports; the first sport I ever played was soccer. During that time nothing was more fun than playing soccer. My mom would be the one that would take me to all my games; it was rare the times my dad would go. As I grew older I decided to try a different sport, so at the age of eleven, I started playing basketball at the YMCA. I remember how fun it was when we had practice, however, at times my coach would put us to play pick up games with kids that were older, so it was quite intimidating. Once I turned twelve, I joined the school basketball team in my middle school. As far I could recall my mom never worked, she was always the one who took me and my sister to school, however, that was plenty of work for my mother. My mother has always been strict with my siblings and I, she does not tolerate bad behavior or bad grades, and as a result, we have turned out to be good kids.

More importantly, the friends I had during middle school were really good friends, with most of them also being on the basketball team. I have great memories of middle school, but the most memorable moments came while playing for the basketball team. One of the most memorable experiences during my middle school years was when we made it to the basketball championship game and ended up winning it. The experiences of middle school are unforgettable and…

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