I Am A Writer I Never Believed I Was A Good Essay

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As a writer I never believed I was a good at it. I would write essays and paragraphs because I was acquired to do it for school, which is one reason why I never got the grades I wanted on papers. I was never interested in writing because growing up all I wrote about was books, reports, poems. I was never in a position to write about what I wanted to write about. Never being able to express how I felt or let my imagination, creativity shine bright in papers that I have wrote. This is partially the reason why I hated English classes. My self-esteem in my writing affected me at home as I never wrote at home. Prior to taking Intermediate Composition, I’ve also taken English 9, and Science Fiction. I enjoyed my time with Science Fiction as I was given a bit of freedom in choosing what I wanted to write about. I choose intermediate composition because I believe I lack the skills to be in advanced composition or any other english language courses. With that being said I still was an average student and probably will stay that way. Before I took this class I never got the basics down of how to write an essay. My teachers before you never really went over the basics as they just sent me off to do an essay, paragraph, poem, and story. A skill set in writing was not my greatest, but the best quality I probably had was my ideas for what essays to write. One thing that I need to work on and forever will need to work on as I probably will never understand and get good at it is Grammar.…

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