Essay about I Am A University Of Chicago

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My parents had this motto that stuck with me ever since I was a child: “you can either relax now and struggle later, or work hard now and relax later.” To me, this indicated that I should work hard in school to make my life in the future slightly easier. Throughout school, I respected their motto and I always tried to push myself in school. Getting straight A’s and taking as many advanced/honors courses as possible became the norm. So, attending a university that could continue to challenge me was always a no-brainer, which is why I want to attend the University of Chicago.

The challenge behind the University of Chicago is not simply in its classwork, it is in the university 's determination to teach its students how to think. Never more did I appreciate learning how to think than in my AP Calculus AB class. My teacher, Mr. Young, had this constant determination to make math intuitive. His philosophy was to make us truly understand math rather than simply memorize formulas and blindly accept whatever he taught. He always asked us to question what he taught so we could break through the superficial learning of math we had gotten used to throughout the years. Whenever we reviewed math concepts from previous courses, he would always teach us the logic and reasoning behind each concept. I had many moments in that class where I would think to myself, "this makes so much sense now!" I want these kinds of “ah-ha” moments to continue in college, and the University of…

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