I Am A True Role Model Essay

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To me a true role model is someone who is doing something successful in their life that you would like to do with yours. This something may be how to dress well, how to become successful, how to cope with stress or how to live life. It is someone who is good-hearted, determined and authentic. When I am asked who my role model is, I always reply with the answer “I don’t have a role model”, but now that I have truly thought of it, I have come to realised that my true role model is my one and only Aunt. Throughout her life my Aunt has been through many hardships and during those hardships my Aunt has taught me a valuable lesson, to never give up. She firmly believe that with hardship comes ease and that is the quality of hers which stands out to me.
My Aunt was born into a supportive and loving family. She had an older sister and three older brothers who always looked out for her. This meant she was the youngest which allowed her to get anything she always wanted. However my Aunt’s family weren’t very wealthy which meant that she wasn’t able to receive the newest device or buy designer clothing, but this didn’t affect my Aunt. My Aunt’s mother and father were always working so they were able to afford the essential needs, but this meant that my Aunt did not see them often. On the other hand, she was always around her siblings. This allowed my Aunt and her siblings to become very close and their relationship came to a point where her siblings meant the world to her. They…

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