I Am A Terrible Friend Essay examples

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As I’m thinking of what to do next and what to make of the whole situation, I mindlessly wander across the hot black top and loop myself in between the masses of parked cars in the teacher parking lot with my backpack slew over my shoulder in search of the Black Nissan Xterra that I’ve had for all of a year now. When I finally approach, I unlock the car, jump inside, and just drive down the winding roads back to my house in the Cape, not thinking about a single thing except for the fact that ‘I’m a terrible friend.’
When I finally get home and park my car, I run inside and go straight to my room. I don’t tell my mom about any of the day’s events. I don’t tell anyone. Our fight will remain in the shadows, and no one will ever know, except for those who heard the screaming match in the hallway near the staircase. By tomorrow, Alice will have apologized and told me that I’m not actually a terrible friend and that the whole situation just got too out of hand. That she didn’t mean to call me a terrible friend. She doesn’t mean it. She can’t.

Friday, February 19, 2016. 7:05 a.m.
Although it’s a new day, remnants of yesterday’s argument float around inside of my head.
As I arrive at school, the cool wind of the early morning hits my face and I notice that the sun is barely out which is quite unusual. Most days by 7:05, the sun is out and shining, ready to wake up all of the neighbors, but today is different. It somehow feels more appropriate though. I should have known that it…

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