Essay about I Am A Successful Individual

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Am I a successful individual? The answer to this question may be ‘YES’ from all others who knew me, but being honest the answer is ‘NO’. My achievements’ and proliferated success graph as a senior software engineer at Tata Consultancy Serivces and currently at Pega Systems perhaps masquerading my pain of not following my intuition. I am a top student within 99 percentiles since I started my schooling and in colleges but something still haunts me. Emerging from an indigent family where education is far from reality, I completed my graduation in electronics and communication engineering with a grade of distinction and additionally with ample monetary snags. Circumstances lead and forced me to move into a zone where career prospects are more abundant rather than following my intuition. Acquiring an experience of four years as a software developer, now I am really elated to apply for the masters program at Dartmouth following my intuition for the first time in my life of 25 years.
Penchant towards computer sciences instilled a strong fascination to gain more knowledge in computer sciences. I always wanted to get a graduate degree in computer sciences from an exceptional university, where research is pivotal and knowledge is a treasure. I worked relentlessly during my schooling and in junior colleges and stood in second place i.e. 99.99 percentile in my state. I garnered accolades and was interviewed from burgeoning nothing into a state topper and there was only one student ahead…

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