I Am A Student Athlete Essay

1122 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
When I saw the directions of this assignment I immediately knew what I was going to observe. I decided to do a group from my high school the complete opposite of me. I am a person that has never been to watch a play in a theatre. This has not seemed to interest me ever. I am a student athlete that loves to play and watch most sports. So to me, I have always felt like athletics are so much harder than putting on a play. This is an assumption I have taken that I wanted to test and see if it was true. To test this I decided to attend a play practice and a play that my high school recently put on. I was given permission to watch practice by the drama teacher Mr. Mandelko. I took time to reflect on what I would be like at a play. I just assumed it would be some singing while practicing the different acts of the play. I made a horrible stereotype that only weird kids do plays and I would automatically not like them and the play that they are doing is not good and like I have always though not as entertaining or easier than a sporting event. I did actually try to keep an open mind as I was walking, thinking maybe it is a lot of hard work to have a production like this. As I got there a little early for their practice, people took notice that there was someone they didn’t recognize. THey knew who I was and that I had the reputation of playing sports. I heard comments of, “what are you doing here?” I also received the comment of “Don’t you have to be at a practice or something.”…

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