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After reading about Personal Learning Networks, I am realizing my PLN is probably much larger than I ever imagined. In fact, this is a daunting task to try to come up with a detailed description. I will start with colleagues. Since I am a student achievement coach for the district I not only have two schools I service, but my position also requires me to support the overall district. Within my two buildings my PLN consists of all staff members; including the principals, teachers and support staffs of both buildings. I believe this because as I work with teachers on a day to day basis, I am always learning something new. This is a large part of my job. I have to be a lead learner in order to be effective and build relationships with staff members in order to build that trust with them I need for them to work with me. I have recently added three literacy experts to my PLN. My district has presented me with the opportunity to participate in literacy collaborative professional development. The three coaches that meet with us on a monthly basis are an instrumental part of my PLN in regards to literacy instruction.
At the district level I am part of the Academic Achievement and Professional Development department. My PLN would include all of the following personnel; superintendant, assistant superintendant, director of academic achievement, the content area teacher leaders, director of professional development, director of special education. All of these people I…

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