I Am A Strong Believer Essay

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I am a strong believer that life is a gift and it is the greatest teacher to oneself and nothing can be a better way to use it productively than the path of science. My journey started from all the way from undergraduate has been a mixture of learning from various interdisciplinary fields. The skills of experimenting and practice are the two elements of my faith which built the foundations of what I still cherish are the long hours in the laboratory of my mentor Professor P Rajeswara Rao.
The zeal and the practice to unlearn to discover something new have always kept me happy that I am a part of such colossal fraternity which changed our understanding of human life and health globally.
During my undergraduate (B.Pharm) days, I was evaluating a natural gum patented by one of my guest faculty Prof K.V.Ramana Murthy to understand the emulsifying properties by spectrometric analysis. These relentless experiments taught me precision and unleash an approach towards solving a need. Finally, we were able to conclude that the natural gum had a similar potential as any other available emulsifying agent.I learned fundamentals of being a pharmacist and most importantly principles which left a strong impact on my lifestyle as well. I was transforming into a result oriented, in other words, performing experiments was important obtaining a precise result was the goal, not the inclination .i.e. both negative or positive a results is an important culmination and an integral part which is to…

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