Essay on I Am A Sixth Day Adventist

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Not many people can honestly say that their reason for taking this class is simply out of curiosity for religion or even understanding religion for that matter. Most people see this religion course the same way as they see religion; Something that stands in the way of personal gain. Without taking this class a student would not have enough credits to graduate and without being involved in a certain religion an individual would not be able to achieve salvation. However, for me the idea of religion has always been a mystery and brought more questions than it did answers. If I could hope to accomplish anything in this course it would have to be to find a distinction between each religion and how they come together as a whole through constant observation.
In order to have a chance of accomplishing my goal of finding the distinction between the different religions, I must further understand my own religion. I am a Seventh day Adventist but for most people I am considered a Christian that goes to church on Saturday. It was not until I was in fifth grade that I realized that I was not like my peers. One day, during class, the substitute teacher came in and gave the class advice in a form of a story. She told us about the pain of loss and joy of birth but then her story somehow wondered into religion. The substitute teacher told a class of fifth graders that they should believe in god but that was not as surprising as what she said next. She told us that we should beware of…

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