I Am A Resident Of Philadelphia Essay example

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I recently visited Love Park for the first time. Even though, I am a resident of Philadelphia I’ve only been to the city very few times in my life. Those visits were mostly to stores but never have I took the time to observe and spend time in Love Park and the surrounding landmarks. It was my first time visiting the park and it was more beautiful than I thought it would be. This area is that of a cosmopolitan canopy because it provides an opportunity for diverse people to come together (Anderson, XIV).
The time I visited it was mid-day on a weekday. I was done class so I thought I’d take a trip to the city. The first thing I observed were several couples taking pictures in front of the ‘LOVE’ sculpture. The waterfall behind it led my eyes astray once the water just sprouted out. However, the water was clear at the time, but it’s supposed to be different colors for certain holidays and occasions (US History). It also experienced a color change when the Phillies won the World Series in 2008 against the Tampa Bay Rays, an intense sports event that has effected the whole city. As I was walking through the park I recognized a familiar figure out of the crowd. It was someone dressed as Jesus. Right away, I knew that this is the guy that people have kept referring to as ‘Philly Jesus’ from Love Park. The park was originally called ‘JFK Plaza’ and later was changed to LOVE Park due to the famous sculpture which attracts tourists and enthusiastic couples alike. The plaza, designed…

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