I Am A Person Who I Know And Trust Essay

722 Words Nov 30th, 2015 3 Pages
I may seem like a quiet person or in other words a shy person. But in no way is that true , I used to be the person who wanted to meet everyone. Many incidents in life have caused me to wait for the monster in a person to come out before attempting to establish a relationship. I have hurt many people this way I can only love those who I know and trust. My main source of distrust and dislike of new people is because of a man named Donny Jordan and the night I almost got my family killed. Or to go back... It all started as a regular day or at least for me. I was getting off the school bus from the alternative school from which I attended for two years due to my lifestyle of being a young hispanic boy in the midst of the slums. I was on my way home to change out of my school uniform so I could go out and dance with the devil as some would say. I was approached by a known drug user and dealer in the neighborhood at the time I was 15 years old. He asked me “ Hey Lopez wanna buy a gun?” As a young man going nowhere I answered “ I don 't know Donny how much?” He replied “Give me your number and I 'll call you later.” So I went home and didn 't even leave due to this out of nowhere cringe in my lower stomach. He called me about an hour after I got home the sky began to darken. He said “ My friend said he will sell you a gun for $200.” I agreed to buy the gun and got the money out of my drawee and and started up the street to buy it. When I got there…

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