I Am A Person Who Exhibit Serenity Essay

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A wise person will say that one cannot accurately judge oneself, but if I were to attempt, I would say I am a person whom exhibits serenity. I was always very calm, and very independent. I never got involved in team sports; I had never even stepped into a gym before. Instead I meditated, did yoga, and read a lot of books. Children are social by nature; therefore I seemed different in my younger years, caught in a purgatory of youth and the odd maturity of my personality. Many of my peers put me down. They would say that I was “naïve,” “scrawny,” “just a pretty face.” I was a child, and it invocated a sense of insecurity that affected me despite my best efforts. I felt like I needed to accomplish something great. I wanted to prove not only to my peers, but also to myself that I could do something that seemed unexpected. Ordinary was out of the question, I desired the seemingly impossible. I was going to climb the tallest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.
I trained very hard. I ran three miles a day and practiced yoga every day for two months. My diet consisted of fish, quinoa, wild rice, and vegetables. I had never been in better shape. Despite all of my efforts, my friends and family were convinced that I would fail. When I met the eleven other people I was climbing with, they also didn’t believe I would make it to the 19,342-foot summit. They would crack jokes how I was the baby of the trip because I was only fifteen and how I was too relaxed and un-athletic. However,…

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