I Am A Person Who Cherishes My Reputation Essay

1140 Words Jun 5th, 2015 null Page
I have learned many things from the process that I have went through when I was informed that I plagiarized a discussion post in my Finite math class. I am a person who cherishes my reputation and I feel like it really put a strain on the way Mrs. Copeland will look at me as a student and a person. I have learned many things from this and throughout this paper I will describe those experiences. Through many long nights and having thoughts race throughout my head I am glad that I have learned from this and will never repeat what has happened. Keeping this in mind I would suggest to any student that was in the same shoes as me just be truthful and honest. I was truthful with Mrs. Copeland from the beginning and that’s what I think will help me repair my relationship with Mrs. Copeland. The first thing I learned is that although you may not notice or think that you are plagiarizing it is always best to email your teacher and check to see if it is okay with them. Every assignment since the first discussion post I have emailed my teacher seeing how it looked and what can I do to improve it. Taking short cuts never gets you anywhere in life, I have never taken a short cut like this and I now know that it was a mistake on my end. Also, knowing that I have worked so hard my freshmen year and to make a mistake like I did to screw it up is what tore me up. I have never felt lower in my life than when I got that email from Mrs. Copeland saying that I may have plagiarized. I was up…

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